What to expect

Whatever your event may be, contact us now and get on the calendar! If you’re interested in hosting a large or all day event, please complete the Registration Form for a custom quote.

Event Pricing

You Provide the Venue – $350
Have Your Event at Lone Star – $425
Both prices include 90 minutes of Smash Time.

The price includes:

  • All equipment & supplies for soccer
  • Event coordinators/referees
  • Unlimited players
  • Water
  • One free t-shirt (additional shirts available for purchase at the event)
  • Lawn chairs
  • Power generators

SMASH UP your event with extended play time, party gift bags, action videos, and t-shirts. Just indicate in the comments section of the event form which additional services you’d like included in your quote. If you choose not to have your event at Lone Star, please refer to the Selecting Your Venue section in the Details tab for information on securing your venue. Taxes not included.


Selecting Your Venue

Bubble soccer is both an indoor and outdoor sport. If you wish to play outdoors, you are responsible for securing the venue, and for ensuring that all the necessary permissions have been obtained and all the required fees have been paid to the property owner. You are also responsible for verifying that the field is a quality, fully grassed field with no dirt patches, holes, rocks, weeds, or stickers. Bubble Smash reserves the right to reschedule an event if field conditions are found to be unsuitable for safe play for both the participants and our equipment.

If you would like to schedule an indoor event, we are partnered with Lone Star Sports Center in Frisco and can arrange for you to have your event there. If you would prefer to have your indoor event elsewhere, the same rules apply as outdoor events – you are responsible for securing the venue and for verifying it is fully safe to use for both the participants and our equipment.

Whether the venue is indoor or outdoor, please inform the owner we require access to the space an hour prior to the event for setup, and also an hour after the event for breakdown


Do’s and Don’ts

Bubble Play Do’s:

  • Reference the code of conduct in this webpage prior to coming to the event.
  • Have the most fun you’ve ever had.
  • Hit your opponents frequently, but keep your play clean.
  • Rotate players as required to give every participant equal play time.
  • Watch your back, you never know when a good smashing is coming!

Bubble Play Don’ts:

  • No alcohol allowed at events. Also any participants who show up intoxicated will not be allowed to play.
  • No tobacco or vaping products may be used while playing.
  • No jewelry or other sharp objects may be worn inside the bubbles. This includes keys and any other sharp or pointy objects in your clothes pockets. These must be removed prior to playing.
  • No gum or candy of any sort is allowed while playing.
  • Tennis shoes only, no cleats of any sort. Also no flip flops or other easily dislodged footwear.
  • No intentional contact with shoes to the bubbles or any other action which may cause damage to the bubbles.
  • No bullying. Do not hit players who are down or are attempting to get back up.
  • Don’t keep playing if you feel yourself getting overheated or dehydrated. Take a break and let someone else have a go!



All participants must complete the online waiver and submit to us prior to participating, no exceptions. All minors must have the form completed and signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Payment policy
A 50% deposit is required to book a reservation, although you may pay the fee in full at the time of booking if desired. The fee must be paid in full no later than three days before the event. Payments are accepted via credit card or Paypal, we will email you a receipt of each payment for your records. Tipping your event coordinators is not required but is appreciated if good service was rendered.
Refund/Cancellation policy
You may cancel the reservation for any reason up to two weeks before the event and receive a full refund. For any cancellations inside of this time period the 50% deposit will not be refunded, however if you have paid more than the 50% deposit this amount will be refunded.
Inclement weather
When poor conditions exist, every effort will be made to move the event to an indoor venue on the same day the event is scheduled. However if these efforts fail, the event will then be rescheduled to the soonest date acceptable to both parties. There are no refunds due to inclement weather.


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