Where is Bubble Smash located and what areas do they serve?
Bubble Smash is located in Frisco, TX. Our standard pricing includes delivery to events within a 20 mile radius of our base. For events outside that radius there will be a surcharge, which will be determined based on the location of the venue.
Who can play?
Bubble Smash recommends that each player be at least 4’6” tall and weigh at least 80 lbs. We also recommend that players be of at least moderate physical condition as this is an active sport. We suggest short periods of play for all participants who do not regularly exercise and therefore may not be aware of their physical limitations.
Who will enjoy bubble sports?
Anyone with a pulse.
Are bubble sports safe?
Yes, very safe. You’re playing in what amounts to a huge airbag with 2’ of inflated air protecting your entire upper body. The main risks in bubble sports are ankle/knee sprains and scrapes/bruises from frequent falling. Bubble Smash strongly encourages all participants to wear knee pads which will greatly decrease the possibility of scrapes/bruises.
What should I wear?
All participants should wear loose comfortable clothing, school appropriate t-shirts and shorts are recommended. Tennis shoes are a must. No cleats of any sort, flip flops, or any other easily dislodged footwear will be allowed.
Bubble Smash does not supply knee pads, but highly recommends that each participant wear them to reduce the possibility of abrasions.
What are the payment, refund, and cancellation policies?
Payment policy – a 50% deposit is required to book a reservation, although you may pay the fee in full at the time of booking if desired. The fee must be paid in full no later than three days before the event. Payments are accepted via credit card or Paypal, we will email you a receipt of each payment for your records. Refund/Cancellation policy – you may cancel the reservation for any reason up to two weeks before the event and receive a full refund. For any cancellations inside of this time period the 50% deposit will not be refunded. However if you have paid more than the 50%, deposit this amount will be refunded. Inclement weather – when poor conditions exist, every effort will be made to move the event to an indoor venue on the same day the event is scheduled. However if these efforts fail, the event will then be rescheduled to the soonest date acceptable to both parties. There are no refunds due to inclement weather.
Should I tip my event coordinator?
Tipping is not required but is greatly appreciated if good service was rendered.
Can I consume alcohol before or during the event?
Can I use any tobacco or vaping products while I’m inside the bubble?
NO. When outside the bubble, city laws govern tobacco and vaping use.
How often are the bubbles cleaned?
Bubbles are wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes after each use. During events when bubbles are swapped out, one of the event coordinators will quickly wipe down the bubble for the next participant.
Is there a limit to how many people we can have at the event?
No, the more the merrier. Just do remember that the more you bring, the less time everyone will have to play assuming equal playing time for all.
Can I book a larger event, or an all day event?
Yes, you most certainly can. If you know you’re going to have a large amount of participants, we can arrange for extra bubbles to be at your event. Or if you know you want an extended event, we can handle that as well. Just fill out the special event form so we can work out a custom quote.
Does Bubble Smash provide the venue?
If you wish to play outdoors, you are responsible for securing the venue, and for ensuring that all the necessary permissions have been obtained and all the required fees have been paid to the property owner. You are also responsible for verifying that the field is a quality, fully grassed field with no dirt patches, holes, rocks, weeds, or stickers. Bubble Smash reserves the right to reschedule an event if field conditions are found to be unsuitable for safe play for both the participants and our equipment. If you would like to schedule an indoor event, we are partnered with Lone Star Sports Center in Frisco and can arrange for you to have your event there. If you would prefer to have your indoor event elsewhere, the same rules apply as outdoor events – you are responsible for securing the venue and for verifying it is fully safe to use for both the participants and our equipment.
Whether the venue is indoor or outdoor, please inform the owner we require access to the space an hour prior to the event for setup, and also an hour after the event for breakdown
Can I purchase videos/pictures of my event?
Yes. When booking your reservation, please let our staff know that you would like to have your event documented. Our event coordinators will take action videos and pictures of your event with GoPro cameras, which will be custom edited into a hilarious keepsake for all participants.

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